"For this production to succeed, it was especially important for the singers, as well as conductor Martin André, to embrace Offenbach's light, bouncy musical style and buy into Astafan's irreverent take. No one did that better than tenor Ryan MacPherson, who portrayed Pluto's vanity and libidinous machinations with relish."  Kyle MacMillan - Opera News


"Ryan MacPherson’s pure, yearning tenor brings a much-needed sensuality to the role of Peter Quint, and it’s a pleasure to hear. He especially shines on the melismatas in Act I, when he calls out to Miles." Willamette Weekly - John Minervini


"Ryan MacPherson was just about perfect as Anatol, the heartless opportunist who makes love to Erika but marries Vanessa for her fortune. MacPherson's vocal clarity and assurance were especially appreciated in the big duet with Vanessa - He sang so well." Oberon's Grove - oberon481.typepad.com


"Tenor Ryan MacPherson is so right for Anatol in terms of voice, looks, and manner that it's difficult to envision anyone else in the part." BroadwayStars.com - Michael Portantiere


"Ryan MacPherson is a dashing Anatol - a cad, to be sure, but less oily than most, whose frailties seem human and not cartoonish." Newsday - Marion Lignana Rosenburg


"Ryan MacPherson brought his bright tenor voice and dashing presence to the sinister Anatol." New York Times Anthony Tommasini


"Ryan MacPherson ennobles the caddish stances of Anatol with a ringing tenor and exemplary diction." Financial Times - Martin Bernheimer


"Ryan MacPherson made a personably caddish Anatol." New York Post - Clive Barnes


"The agile soprano Elizabeth Futral and the sweet-toned tenor Ryan MacPherson were standouts as Violetta and Alfredo in the Libiamo duet and chorus from Verdi’s Traviata.” New York Times - Anthony Tommasini


".....Ryan MacPherson (the ingratiating Hot Biscuit Slim) stole the show, MacPherson's keen-timbred tenor negotiated the high tessitura with grace." Opera News - David Shengold


"Ryan MacPherson as Flamand ... sang extraordinarily well, managing the challenging tessituras with aplomb." Opera News - Adam Wasserman


"Tenor Ryan MacPherson (Flamand) "Kein Andres, das mir so im Herzen loht," was the highlight of the artificially created "first act." The New York Sun - Fred Kirshnit


"The ardent tenor Ryan MacPherson is a dashing and impetuous Flamand." New York Times - Anthony Tommasini


"It is helpful that at the precise moment Hot Biscuit Slim (Ryan MacPherson) shows up. Yes, he can cook, and yes, he can provide variety, and yes MacPherson has a glorious voice." Colorado BackStage - Holly Bartges


"...there was lots of great stuff happening on stage. Besides Lamos's skillfully direction, there was Heather Buck's perfectly charming performance in the title role, and excellent performance by Ryan MacPherson as Iff the water genie..." Jonathan Newman.com


"Ryan MacPherson easily projected his role with a clear even pleasing tenor voice that was well supported and had a fine ring to its high notes." Classical voice on North Carolina - William Thomas Walker


**Funniest review ever**

"Ferrando (Ryan MacPherson) especially distinguishes himself for his pelvic thrusts; independent of other considerations, the motions of his trousered genitals —wild arabesques and fantasies clearly visible from row G—merit an award for best unsupported actor. The audience went wild for these exertions, but Mr. MacPherson’s black stirrup pants were less sympathetic, as evidenced by an inconvenient rip along the inner upper thigh, exposing a pale pink patch of flesh perilously near the Albanian fertile crescent." Willamette Weekly - James Bash