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Oh My Memphis #2

After selling out our first Die Fledermuas here at Memphis Opera, we have only 100+ seats left for our last performance.

To come back "home" to Memphis and find so much incredible love and caring, one can only become a happy artist. Ms. Worra and I have found ourselves in many operas over the years. From Merry Widow, Carmen, to Carnegie and once again back into Die Fledermuas. It's my pleasure to say that she sings the crap out of Rosalinda, and is the friend from the past that has observed my many transformations. Real people make real colleagues.

I will always remember Caroline walking down the center isle of the bus during the SFO Western Opera Theatre Die Fledermaus tour with a make-shift Card-earned Crown. Woe to thee that might find her with a deck or two of cards and the word NERTS on her tongue. You have been warned. She shared an isle with me for nearly 30+ performances of Die Fledermaus. I'm lucky to sing with her again. She will beat you at cards. She might let you win.


Some great reviews:

Memphis Flyer

Commercial appeal

I know the audience will have a grand experience.

Photographer Sean Davis

Photographer Sean Davis


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